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Boolzaye helps you save time, have an up-to-date website, be appealing to sponsors.

Boolzaye - About

It Starts With

What is Boolzaye. Boolzaye gives you the power to fully manage your internet presence professionally and easily.

With the iDarts integration, we save you time and help you automate your results, achievements and statistics. No more outdated websites!

The iDarts database contains all significant results from Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), World Darts Federation (WDF) and British Darts Organisation (BDO) tournaments, as well as results and statistics from other ranking events. iDarts has the most comprehensive collection of player data in the world.

The database is utilised by a wide range of users worldwide, including professional darts players, tournament organisers, TV commentators, the media and betting companies.

How We Help

Save You Time By Automation

Updating results, statistics and achievements are time-consuming and tiresome. With the iDarts integration, your results, achievements and statistics are constantly automatically updated. No more outdated websites!

Unique CMS

With Boolzaye you have the most powerful content management system available in darts at your fingertips. Control all aspects of your website quickly, easily and hassle-free.

Easy to find

We have designed a modern website layout optimized with the latest technologies. With the automation, the website is interactive therefore effortless, picked up by Google.

Boolzaye - Why


Why Boolzaye. We want to assist you to be appealing to sponsors and adding value to them but also allow you to earn revenue through advertising, product sales, exclusive partnership and more.

How It Works

Pick Your Design

Use our default theme or work with us closely for a unique design.


Using our CMS is child's play. Create and manage all your news, sponsors and content.


Now your site is set up, and there is no excuse not to impress sponsors and your fans.


Keep one eye on the traffic that hits your site, enabling you to truly show the brand power you possess to potential sponsors and partners.

Who we work with

Jules van Dongen
Jules van Dongen
Raymond van Barneveld
Raymond van Barneveld
Deta Hedman
Deta Hedman
Jeffrey de Zwaan
Jeffrey de Zwaan
Bengi Team
Bengi Team
Jacques Nieuwlaat
Jacques Nieuwlaat
Photo's by Lawrence Lustig/PDC & TipTopPics